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Author Topic: Newbie: Orthro says grade 2.5 - 3 MCL tearing, have a few question!  (Read 700 times)

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So I am new here, and it is great to see so many people getting help, after browsing around for days I wanted to post my own question.

1 month ago today I slipped at work and it was God-awful.  I could hear/feel popping sensations and instantaneous swelling.  I am a big guy 6'6" and about 320lbs, I was very active and had extremely strong legs.  I am also 30 years old.  As soon as I found out the seriousness, I went on a very strict diet so I would not blow up, and I have lost about 10lbs in the past month (bodyfat scale says it was mostly fat not muscle).

Orthopedic says he would grade my MCL tearing between 2.5 - 3, he says the the MCL did not tear clean it looks like mozzarella cheese that has been pulled apart, it is not a complete tear but "is being held with threads like dental floss".  I am a month in now (as of today), and I still can't walk without crutches.  If I walk too much I get horrible pain, so I just literally lay around all day and only leave the house for grocery's in which case I use a scooter at the store.  I also sprained my FCL, and have a deep bone bruise in my femur.

Here are my questions:
How long will this take to heal?
I was very active (hiking, biking, ice hockey, racket sports, jogging); how long before I could do intense exercise?
Is this something that will affect the quality of life in the future?