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Author Topic: Partial patellar tendon tear caused by bone spur?  (Read 1267 times)

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Partial patellar tendon tear caused by bone spur?
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:27:11 AM »
Dear all,

I am an active athlete and used to play rugby on a weekly but has been out of action for a long while. Reason for that is left knee has been giving me problem and after seeing the specialist for 2 years, i finally convinced him to send me for MRI.

So heres the result:

"Partial deep fibre disruption in the central portion of proximal patellar tendon( at its patellar attachment) measuring 0.5cm traversely and 0.6cm craniocudally is in keeping with partial tear. There is a small(0.3cm but sharp osteophyte arising from the non-articular surface of the interior pole of the patella, pointing inferiorly  . This is associated with local marrow and adjacent hoffa's fat pad oedema."

So basically I have a sharp bond spur on the lower patellar poking into my patella tendon. It is hurting me like crazy and I went to 2 specialists. Both recommended me not to remove the spur but its causing me so much sadness because i cannot run. I can rest for 4 months and try to run one day and my knee would hurt really bad.

The reason stated by both specialists is, because i can still walk, and that removing the bone spur might do nothing for me. One of them even stated that I might lose my walking ability if i go through with it.

Can anyone advise me on the risk of the surgery and whether if it is a good idea for me to remove it?

Thank you!