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Author Topic: Major surgery on the 24th April - what to expect?  (Read 609 times)

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Major surgery on the 24th April - what to expect?
« on: April 11, 2015, 05:27:41 PM »
Hi all

Any advice for my first surgery?!

I am set for my surgery on the 24th which consists of four different procedures to stabilise my patellar. These are :

MPFL reconstruction with hamstring
Tibial tubercule transfer
Recession trochleoplasty
Supramalleolar derotation osteotomy

I have been told I will in hospital for 4/5 days depending on how I go. Plaster cast for 2 weeks, then crutches for 8 weeks. My surgeon has performed all of these surgeries individually but never all at the same time before, so I am sort of his guinea pig for the recovery. I have been told it will be three months before I am actually up walking unaided, but I am hoping to be doing that a bit sooner!

I have been told to buy a shower stool to make things a bit easier, does anyone have any other useful items to recommend? Got Netflix sorted already!

Any other advice in general would be greatly appreciated! So nervous about this, still can't wrap my head around the amount of surgery needed for just a few knee cap dislocations!
2000/14 - multiple dislocations of both knees
August '14 - bad LK dislocation
April '15 - LK MPFL reconstruction, tibial tubercle osteotomy and supramalleolar derotational osteotomy