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Author Topic: Hip pain after TKR  (Read 506 times)

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Hip pain after TKR
« on: March 30, 2015, 12:14:14 PM »

  Hi all
         I will give you all a quick run down on my situation.2001 I had TKR to my right knee 2004 I had my left hip total replacement which was a nightmare it took 5 operations to put right.2013 I had revision surgery on my right knee joint which had come loose.Feb 2015 I had TKR on my left knee operation went fine knee feels bit painful only to be expected but the reason im writing to you is I am get a realy sharp pain in my left buttuck when sitting down could they have dislodged something in my hip when doing my knee or is that unlikely.Any thoughts would be appretiated sorry about any spelling mistakes just had my meds and oramorph

                                                        thank you   phill