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Author Topic: ACL reconstruction failure after infection. Two stage ACL revision.  (Read 825 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty new to this so please bear with me  :)

I injured my knee playing football 3 years back, the classic foot getting caught in the ground and the audible pop! I then had ACL reconstruction and a lateral menisectomy 2 and a half years back to repair it. Unfortunately i developed an infection during/after surgery and had to have two further operations to wash the infection out. I was then on antibiotics for 6 weeks to clear it up. I was wondering if anyone on the thread has been through this process and the outcome after it all?

My knee was completely fine for a year or so but i felt it gradually worsen over time. I then re injured my knee once again playing football and instantly knew something was up as it blew up almost instantly. I used the RICE protocol and went for a MRI scan 3-4 weeks after it happened. The MRI scan shown the ACL to be lax and further damage to the lateral meniscus. After all the physical examinations and scans I've been told i will need a two stage ACL revision. The first stage is to remove the old ligament and hardware and bone graft the tunnels, then 3-6 months later go through with the ACL reconstruction once again.

I would be grateful if someone could comment on something similar they've had done and the timescales for recovery etc. It would be helpful to hear first hand how it all went!

Ruptured ACL and torn lateral and medial meniscus 22/09/2010
ACL reconstruction and medial menisectomy 28/08/2012
First arthroscopic washout due to infection 03/09/2012
Second arthroscopic washout due to infection 11/09/2012
ACL revision & medial meniscus transplant 24/07/15