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Author Topic: Long history of knee problems, looking for any possible help please!  (Read 575 times)

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Hi everyone,

I've had a fairly good look through the blogs and articles on here and so far there's been alot of helpful information. I was just looking to see if anyone could possibly give me some ideas on what's going on in my knee at the moment as I've had no luck finding a solution.

I am currently 22 years old at the age of 16 I had my first ACL reconstruction with a slight meniscus tear also. At the age of 18 I had another reconstruction on the same knee. After 2 years of no issues and only slight problems with gaining back muscle mass in the quad, I had pain and a swollen knee for a week after going for a run. MRI's confirmed that I had a erosion under my knee cap where my patella had not been tracking properly. This resulted in an arthroscope surgery to clean out the joint and a lateral release.
After going through rehab I still wasn't able to run due to pain behind my knee cap and little strength in my quad. Both my doctor and PT's have said this is due to my significant loss of VMO muscle mass. However due to pain under the patella when the knee is at certain angles (squatting, lunges, leg raises) I struggle to find exercises that I can even feel my VMO working. Holding a wall squat used to be the only real exercise I achieved some feeling of muscle usage in my VMO, but I can no longer do this either as I have pain under the patella.

I have tried to strap my knee so I can still play soccer but the pain and swelling is constant and I feel like the joint is weak overall.  Another clean out of my knee joint is most likely my next move, but I'm getting desperate to find a solution as exercise and being active is a massive part of my life.

If anyone has any ideas or similar experiences to share that would be greatly appreciated.


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If you haven't used your VMO in a long time, it is a B!TCH to get back. Like not a six-week-PT thing. Like a long time. And it will cause patellar discomfort as you work on it. A good PT will be able to give you some tape support to hold it in place to jump start you.

You can keep cleaning it out, but the poor muscle control and loss of ROM, etc. will just make it keep worsening.

I'd stop with trying to run or sports or whhatever right now, and get into AGGRESSIVE PT. FInd a sports specific one, at that.  Get on the TENS/ESTIM unit, and the ultrasound, etc. Start small, and work steadily.

You have GOT to get out ahead of it (and yes, it's possible). I had my first surgery at 12, and the wham-bam-thankyou-mam PT I went through was no where near enough. (Back then, surgeries and PT on kids were not as common as they are now...) The weakness I developed and the poor function affected me my entire life. Even now, when II stop working at it, I lose it quickly...and it's hard to get back. But it CAN be done--you just need to really find a great PT and work dilligently with them (and know that there will be some pain...but if your PT is worth their salt, they can help you figure out the difference between the good pain and the bad pain.)
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