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Author Topic: Knee injury + Workers Compensation... an unholy union....  (Read 940 times)

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Knee injury + Workers Compensation... an unholy union....
« on: February 26, 2015, 05:04:38 PM »
Hey all, I am new around here, but not new to knee problems. I am a retail manager, and have been for about 8 years now, so my knees have had to deal with a fair share of strain and stress (on concrete, no less!) On Black Friday 2012, I turned my right knee, continued to work on it for 6 hours, and finally took myself to an urgent care facility. They sent me home with crutches and told me to follow up in a week. Diagnosis: Knee sprain. My company stepped in and sent me to a different doctor (one on their plan) and had me seen by them a week post accident. Had xrays and MRI's, both showed no major problems (despite my tremendous pain). Was out of work sitting around for 1 month, and then sent to PT for a month with no decrease in pain. (Very sharp, lower right, about 5pm on a clock, if you are looking at my kneecap). Was sent back to work, and within hours, my knee and ankle were swollen to high hell. (I purchased a knee brace to stabilize to prevent further issues). Had to work for an entire week this way, and then was pulled out of work, sat at home for 3 weeks and finally sent an hour away to Nashville (was residing in Clarksville, TN at the time) to see an OS. He gave me a cortisone shot and it was back to work for me. No decrease in pain. OS reviewed my MRI again, and determined we needed to scope. April 2013 procedure:
1. Right knee arthroscopy
2. partial medial mesiscectomy
3. removal lateral suprapatellar plica
4. Partial synovectomy
5. Patellar chondroplasty
*Please note, the OS didn't know I had torn my meniscus until scope was performed!*
Sent to PT 5 days post op and continued for 2 months. Muscles had atrophied, so after PT, I was told to go to the gym 5 days a week to build up the muscles in my legs and glutes and sent back to work in July, despite slight pain.

Fast forward to December 2, 2014. I am working in Cherry Hill, NJ with a different company. Was setting up window display, when 4 pieces of plywood along with product fell down on me, I stepped on my right knee to get out of the way of falling destruction, and subsequently injured my knee. Worked for a further 3 hours and finally went to ER. Xray showed no problem with knee, was given knee stabilizer, crutches and naproxen. Ankle was swollen for 3 weeks straight. (I kept the knee wrapped in an ACE bandage a majority of the time to reduce swelling (you know, R.I.C.E!) so gravity sent the swelling to my ankle, much like previously at former company). Was sent to OS on December 17th, prescribed celebrex, and was told to start PT, both land and pool therapy. Did this for a few weeks, without any change in pain. (Cannot do squats, long arc quads, going up and down stairs is insane pain, so I have to do 1 at a time, walking longer than 30 minutes puts me in significant pain). Finally recieved MRI in January, which showed: Chondromalacia, edema of patella and lateral tilt of the patella. Saw the DR 4 times from December to now, and the last visit, he prescribed a MONOVISC injection (which I am getting tomorrow). He says if that doesn't work, I will have to get a 2nd opinion, and then scope.

Here's my issues. At first, the doctor I am seeing now, said I had tendinitis and it should go away. Well, thats not the case, and I am somewhat anxious about receiving the shot of MONOVISC tomorrow. My major concern is that I will have to go back every 6 months for a new shot. For how long? Is this only putting a bandaid on the issue? Could they be missing something? (I experience the same pain in the same spot as my previous injury-- possible reinjure of the meniscus?!) I've asked for a 2nd opinion, but workers comp denied this...I really don't like my doctor much AT ALL. He doesn't really seem to have his scientist hat on, he usually just comes in, twists my knee and leg around until I am practically in tears, and tells me to come back in 2 weeks. I have been out of work since December 2nd and have been in pretty significant pain- I have 2 dogs, (one has bladder issues and must go out often), and my house has 2 flights of stairs AND my boyfriend was away for work for 3 weeks, leaving the dogs, the errands and general upkeep of the house on my shoulders. (Lets not talk about having to take my dirty laundrop from the top floor to the basement....ugh!)

Has anyone tried MONOVISC yet? I know its fairly new to the market.....
I will also be driving myself to and from the office (30+ minute drive) and am hoping the pain afterwards won't be too awful.
I just wish I could pick my own doctor.... this waiting has been awful.

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Re: Knee injury + Workers Compensation... an unholy union....
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2015, 05:17:54 PM »
I should also mention, when I am taking a shower, my knee seems to lock up, and I have to stand there and slowly stretch in order to get my knee to 'pop back into place'. I've told this to the doctor, and he brushes it off and doesn't make any notes of it.
I am also 30, not overweight, and was relatively active before this all started.

*I take glucosamine supplements.
*I've tried acupuncture.

Nothing helps. At all.
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Re: Knee injury + Workers Compensation... an unholy union....
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2015, 02:04:05 AM »
In my experience if it your knee is locking up then there is a structural reason for that. It sounds like you may have damaged the cartilage in the same area. The damage may or may not show up on an MRI. Workman's comp is a pain to deal with. Stand your ground and be adamant that the fix your knee. Call your HR person and see what the process of a second opinion is. Good luck!
Weenie the Warrior Princess
Left knee:
6/2012 Arthroscope w/ debridment, and plica removal
3/2013 Microfracture of MFC & patella and lateral release
6/2014 Microfracture MFC (same spot as last time, was damaged in a car accident)(infection week after & ultimately a failed surgery)
11/2014 OATS(autograft) MFC