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Author Topic: MCL healing issues  (Read 3055 times)

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MCL healing issues
« on: February 29, 2016, 08:51:22 PM »
8 months ago i sprained my MCL (no rupture). I still have pain, although not with walking anymore and my physio says this is due to "scar remodelling" of the MCL from my MRI. She described it as the ligament healing in a jumbled mess like spaghetti instead of the fibres alligning. She has given me exercises such as figures of eight and side to side steps to "help re-load the ligament and help the fibres re-align and cope with more stress" and she thinks that this will help and she wants to gradually increase the exercises as I go along. I am worried as it has been 9 months and I still can't return to sport yet. I also cannot sit on my heels (bum touching feet) because it really hurts. Has anyone else had experience of this/should I be worried? The physio said as a last resort I could have a cortisone injection (ultrasounded guided cortisone injection) to break up the scar tissue within the ligament - has anyone had this? does it work? i just want to get back to sport and normal life! is it normal for a ligament injury to take this long to properly heal? Granted the everyday pain is less now than before but if i try to walk uphill on a treadmill it gets re-aggravated again. Should i give up and assume that the ligament has failed to heal or can it be remodelled, even this long after the injury, through physio exercises?!

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Re: MCL healing issues
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2016, 02:41:29 AM »
Hi, I play softball and about a month ago I slid into third and my clear got stuck in the dirt and mid slide my right knee jammed into the ground, I immediately could not move it and had trouble walking on it, my trainer at the highschool said it was probably just deep bruising, but about 3 days later i was sent to an orthopedic office and an mri was ordered, as well as x-rays. The mri and x-rays came back normal but the doctor said I had an mcl sprain. He did not tell me how long I would be having pains or anything. I still have trouble going down stairs and when j have to change directions quickly or dive and slide into a bag. I'm questioning whether I should consider getting a shot or just keeping icing and taking ibuprofen to see if the pain easies off. PLEASE HELP  :'( :-\