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Author Topic: New here, question about my knee  (Read 504 times)

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New here, question about my knee
« on: February 24, 2015, 04:32:37 PM »
Hey guys,

New here, just signed up. Was googling some knee symptoms and came across this website. Was hoping to get some feedback. 8 years ago I tore my ACL, complete repair, and I ended up playing college lacrosse for four years after that and never having an issue. Now I am still very active, and sometimes my IT band hurts in my knee but other than that it is fine.

This past Saturday I was snowboarding with some friends, and decided to go off of a jump. I landed on a flat, didn't make the down slope, so a large amount of impact coming down and a large pain went through both of my knees. I was able to walk it off, took one more run, felt some large discomfort and called it a day. My left knee is the one in question here. I can walk fine, I've been keeping a compression wrap on it, and there is no swelling. It hurts slightly when I walk up and down stairs. When I do a body weight squat I feel pain on the exterior of my knee right where I believe the LCL is. I know I can't be diagnosed over a forum but has anyone had these symptoms before and ended up ok? I  have full range of motion, my knee is a little tight if i do a quad stretch but other than that it's OK.