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Author Topic: Frustration at the enigmatic nature of my condition.  (Read 700 times)

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Frustration at the enigmatic nature of my condition.
« on: February 24, 2015, 01:27:27 PM »
Hello everyone, I am Kelvin, and I am a conscripted military personnel from Singapore. While I do not hail from the same country of origin as that of a majority of this forum&apos;s users, the condition I am afflicted with is, I believe, very relevant to the principal subject of this site: The knee. Do bear with me as I attempt to flesh out the rather painful details of the unpleasantness that I have had to put up with ever since I was first afflicted by this condition.

The pain that I am currently experiencing is centralised around my right knee area, that which can best be characterised as a sharp, jabbing pain, and which only activates when I bear weight down upon said area, through such mundane activities like walking, standing and jumping. Moving the leg in a certain manner produces this sensation that is akin to something grinding before snapping within the knee; Stepping down while the knee has not "completed" the grind will see a sharp spike in the pain intensity. Popping takes place very frequently, even more so than its partner does.
Also, the most baffling thing about my condition is the fact that the pain cannot be localised tactilely, and neither does it manifest when I straighten or bend the knee. All I know is that the pain occurs somewhere inside the knee, far from the surface, roughly around the middle portion of the structure.

As of the time at which this reply is composed, I have already been afflicted with this pain for at least eight months and counting, dating all the way back to the penultimate week of my BMT period (end of June 2014). I am unable to name the exact cause of the pain; All I know is that when it first started on this one fateful Sunday, I did not partake in activities that were particularly strenuous, not unless one regards languidly lazing about at home moments before booking in for the week’s worth of activities as an act that is agonising. I did, however, engage in physically strenuous activities on three consecutive days the previous week.

I have deigned to consult an appropriate specialist at a certain hospital, where I had both an MRI and a bone scan performed on the aforementioned problematic area, only to learn (a week after both tests were conducted) that the results were negative, with practically nothing malicious showing up on the appropriate images produced from the tests. Visibly flustered upon seeing the results, the same specialist speculatively asserted that the pain I am experiencing is “all in [my] head” (quoting him), and he thereafter slapped me with a RMJ status (excuse from running, marching and jumping) that lasts for three months and referred me to the pain management department. Subsequent visits to the same specialist did nothing to alleviate the condition and extricate it from the realm of stagnant enigma. The final straw came when he accused me of faking the condition and collaborating with my father to conjure lies in order to acquire medical certificates to excuse me from staying within the confines of the camp I am assigned to. These wicked, spiteful conjectures were relayed to my commanders, who did not respond kindly; I was very nearly charged for malingering!

I have since taken it upon myself to seek treatment at a different hospital. Thus far, a second MRI scan has been performed, one that eerily churned out results that were similar to that of the first one.
And so now here I am made to wait for at least four more weeks before my next appointment, during which the decision that pertains to my undergoing an exploratory scope will be confirmed and finalised.

I cannot help but feel this sense of terror during every waking moment of my life; Why am I experiencing pain of such an excruciating intensity if the sophisticated (and reputably very reliable) tests turned up with no indication of any malicious issues? Is it possible for the scans to have missed something that they should not have? And if so, is it, then, possible for them to have been remiss in detecting the root cause of the problem not once, but twice?

What can I hope to expect?

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Re: Frustration at the enigmatic nature of my condition.
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2015, 01:46:13 PM »
MRIs depend on the skill of the reader and also the quality of the machine, so things can be missed.  However, it is also possible to have pain and inflammation without any specific damage to the structures in the knee. Or that damage can be so minimal that it isn't clear on MRI

Might be worth having a read of this and the overuse Injury primer, looking at PFS and runners knee etc

You might find for the knee to settle, you need to do almost nothing to allow it to settle, or gentle physiotherapy. Not ideal with your career but possibly necessary for a period of some months.  Icing, anti inflammatory drugs, or platelet rich plasma injections might also be an option

There are quite a few stories of PFS on the forum if you search around.
Good luck :)
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