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Author Topic: Slipped on floor and knee twisted... ACL torn but had recovered... now hurts!  (Read 543 times)

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Not sure what to do... had torn ACL from skiing (again) 8 months ago and all recovered really well... didn't opt for surgery, had no pain and  just exercised ...
Slipped yesterday and managed to recover but knee twisted and I could feel it wobble... iced it and rested it, now doing basic regular exercise to keep moving and strengthening the muscle again, but it hurts below the kneecap, (and behind it) when walking... using anti-inflam gel... should I carry on with this and hope it gets better... I can walk although painful... or get it checked out, but would that be just a physio or should I see Doctor? How long should I give it if waiting to see if it improves?
Any suggestions? Thanks  :-\

ACL op R. knee 02/90 ACL op L. Knee 04/06
Torn ACL 07/14
I must stop skiing!!