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Author Topic: Inconclusive Diagnosis on Second Meniscus Injury-Been 1 1/2 Years and I'm Scared  (Read 3244 times)

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Right now I'm a 25 yo, I had a menisectomy done on my left knee about 3 years ago in Toronto, Canada, which removed about 30% of the meniscus. Post-op I had significant problems due to my knee going through shock from the surgery and I had to do a lot of rehab- overall not a great experience. Finally after about a year post-op and a lot of physiotherapy I was feeling like I was getting back to normal and started hitting the gym again. Don't know what happened exactly but I tweaked something there while doing some squats. It's been about 1 1/2 years since then and I've seen about 4 different surgeons (1 in Chicago) and 2 MRIs done (which were both inconclusive). All OS said it was inconclusive except the one in Chicago- he ended up saying there was something "weird" about where the incision had been made in the posterior horn of my medial meniscus. He said normally it should be a "clean cut". He said I can try injections or physiotherapy, but at the end of the day he thinks I'm going to get another scope done. I took that with a grain of salt though...

My current OS is hesitant to go in again due to my bad experience the first time. Currently I've been referred to another doctor at Mt. Sinai, he's a OS specializing in Sports Medicine. I'm going to be talking to him to ask about stem cell injections and/or PRP injections. But you know how the wait times here are like, earliest will probably be in about 2 months, if that. My condition over the 1 1/2 years has progressively gotten worse- now I'm at the point where I can't stand for more than 10-15 seconds and forget about walking for more than 5 minutes. So right now I'm just twiddling my thumbs while I wait for the 5th opinion from an OS (this doesn't include the 2 GPs I spoke with about the problem). My current OS doesn't want to jump in with another surgery as well in case there is nothing wrong and also because he feels it's a "panic" approach and I went through another surgery which might set me back another 8-9 months.

Right now I'm just wandering, constantly agitated and depressed because my condition just seems to be getting worse and I'm not able to get an answer from anybody. I'm a 25 yo who should be out and active and instead for the past 1 1/2 I have been at home, hesitant of doing anything and since I've been getting worse am now at the point when I just eat, sleep work and repeat. I'm terrified of doing another surgery after my first experience and developing more arthritis (I have mild arthritis right now in my left knee). I'm terrified of what my future looks like because it's so uncertain and we don't realize how much we need our knees in day to day activities until we don't have proper function. I want to travel, be active, live my life but right now things are looking very scary. I've tried low impact exercises as well and they seem to be too much for me as well. I used to be very active, so for the past 3 years it's been an uphill struggle re-adjusting my lifestyle when I see my friends around me doing treks, travelling or heading out to do marathons.

Feel pretty defeated right now- so any insight, things to try or motivation would be great
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Your description sounds quite similar to mine.    Eerily similar.  The major difference being that I was told a "tiny" amount of torn meniscus was removed.   The % has never been disclosed to me.   Anyhow, please read through my posts where I describe my situation.   I'm thinking you may have an undiagnosed stress fracture (described as bone marrow edema or subchondral edema in MRI).    I just had a subchondroplasty for the bone marrow edema that was present on MRI for about 5 years prior.   Doctor after doctor offered no help.    I finally had to essentially diagnose myself and go "seek" a doctor who could help.    Anyhow, I'm about 4.5 months post-surgery and am doing tremendously better, but still not "out of the woods" so to speak.   

I would assume that you must have an osteochondral defect?   
2007 - partial medial meniscectomy
2010 - full thickness chondral defect & adjacent subchondral edema MFC.   Direct result of stupid partial mensicectomy from 2007.
2014 - Subchondroplasty, chondroplasty, unauthorized 2nd partial medial meniscectomy.
2015 - partial failure of subchondroplasty.

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Hi Beebz,

It's bad reading your troubles - As you are in US - Have a look round for the surgeons who sort the skiing injuries out - My understanding as a patient is -

Ligaments [need assessing 100%] and if there is laxtity that will lead to further degenerative changes they need reconstructing ideally with allograft tissue due to the chronic nature of the problems

meniscus options range from transplant [very serious]-if it is not repairable [even red zone]-OR
biological implant [serious]-where white zone [no blood supply] is not repairable but is tied into red zone
OR non biological implant [eg does not resorb into body] eg -- Nusurface implant

chondyle damage [eg arthritic changes but are repairable]-

These are the big issues although there are others

I've had a situation where a surgeon was expecting me to agree to a meniscus op without addressing underlying laxity and choosing to ignore a serious PCL injury and also choosing to ignore some chondyle damage.  The bottom line with this is I would have had trouble afterwards without doubt - because other issues would not have been addressed meaning further surgeries / frustrations afterwards.

Because I've learned enough I did not fall for it but that does not mean the wool hasn't been pulled in others areas throughout the learning process.

Stop wasting your time with some doctors who are wasting your time and money and not dealing with the underlying issues.
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