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Author Topic: Any ideas?  (Read 538 times)

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Any ideas?
« on: February 15, 2015, 01:13:38 PM »
Hey guys! First post, probably like many others got a few questions and being that I can't see a GP until Tues at the earliest thought I'd post here before I online diagnose myself with the need for two full knee replacements.

Never had any knee issues until now. Pretty much just over a week ago was on the treadmill getting some milage in, about 4k into my run I started to get a pain on the outside of my knee. Not sharp but it built up until I decided this wasn't something to run though and stopped. Popped some ibuprofen and thought nothing much of it. Next day, still feeling sore, and my knee is clicking feels like a little band is going snap past it every time it extent it. Panicked a little over the weekend, bought a pretty thick support and called the physio. She made me do some tests, one leg squats some manipulation of the knee  and such, all with zero pain. Had some massage and ultrasound. Said I had no joint issues, was ITBS, needed rest, some strengthening exercises and I could ditch the support.

Everything felt good the rest of the day, did get a little pain when I bobbed down to place the shower mat but figured it was just stiffness from the support, next day hit the gym. Just some seated shoulder stuff not running or squating, and then a little abductor work like suggested. Felt fine, and the next morning. Then just going about the house got a sharp pain medially in my knee as I turned away from the washing machine. Floor is tilled so not a lot before you'll slide. Knee is quite tender now little bit of swelling, and getting pain whenever if I twist it at all. Walking in a straight line is fine and I have full pain free range of motion in a straight line, I've got none of my original symptoms.

Is this at all common? ITBS and subsequent or masked medial meniscus tearing(kind of what I thought it could be)? Am I just over thinking this (i have a quite a lot riding on my fitness at present)? If I do see the GP should I push for an MRI considering I've already had a physio look it over?

Any advice to calm my nerves or get some perspective would be appreciated.