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Author Topic: right quad atrophied, spinal cord injury L2L3 and ankle fractures  (Read 646 times)

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May 31, 2014 car accident, I was ejected out of my H2 with a seat belt . Fractured ribs,spine,scapula,and ankle. Fusion L2 and L3 and a few long screws holding my ankle together( permanent). I was treated in ICU care for few weeks and later transferred to the best spinal cord rehab center in San Jose,CA. prognosis was ASIA B/C, paraplegic with little to none chance of walking. 3 months after the incident with great Doctors and Therapist suggesting the Exso Skelton, this was the jump start to my recovery. Currently 8 months into hard work and dedication  (PT and gym ) I've stowed my leg braces and currently walk with the assist of a walker.
My biggest struggle would be my right quad. My quad had atrophied 65 percent. My PT tried several muscle stimulus at its highest, yet my muscle wouldn't contract.
I'm open for any suggestions. Thanks