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Author Topic: Bad Fall 2 years after ACL reconstruction & near complete Medial Menisecetomy  (Read 608 times)

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Things were going pretty well until last week. Nearly a week ago I fell on my reconstructed knee. A week later and it is stiff and I am having a hard time getting it straight. It wants to just stay kind of bent. I am worried I blew the graft or did something more to the knee. I am fairly active, year round cyclist, have been back to snowboarding. This last year I noticed it getting alot stronger. Now I am scared I am set back again.  :-\ Does anyone out there have experience with this. when I fell went down on both knees with all my weight forcing my butt to smash on my heals. It did not swell very much, but felt warm and has some new crackling/popping when I bend it. Did I just jar up my scar tissue? Blow my graft? What should I do. Very frusterated.

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You'd be advised to get in touch with your surgeon, get checked out.  Could be the ACL, could be a meniscus tear, or a myriad other things.  RICE in the meantime

Good luck :)
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