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Author Topic: Can you please give me some insight? (knee injury)  (Read 628 times)

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Can you please give me some insight? (knee injury)
« on: February 09, 2015, 06:25:10 PM »
I hurt my knee snow boarding. (Actually I hurt it walking with one foot strapped in). I hit a patch of ice with the boarded foot and my other foot (left leg) was stationary in the snow. It went in and back (I remember it starting to really hurt right then, the rest is kind of blurry). I know that somehow it went out and around and ended up in front of me next to the other foot/board. I don't remember hearing a pop. And it hurt a lot.

I don't think my boyfriend knew how much it hurt me because I was kind of in shock. Normally when something hurts I grab it and put pressure on it out of reflex, but after this I didn't even move. After 2 minutes I took the snow, put it on top and iced it about ten minutes. My boyfriend was getting impatient (again, I don't think he knew how much it actually hurt, we've since broken up anyway), so I made myself get up and keep going.

I was able to finish the day (it was my first time ever), but I was in a good amount of pain and needed to take a few breaks.

When I got home and stopped moving that's when it started hurting more. It was a little swollen, but pretty minimally (mostly in the back behind the knee. I iced it and took anti inflammatorys. When I would go to sit down there was a painful (silent) pop and it would feel like it would give out. Walking and changing directions would hurt.

After being careful a week or so it felt better except for a mild pain. I went to see my sister and had almost forgot how my knee had felt. I was doing her hair (she's getting married shoo we were test running her hair). It hurt REALLY BAD when I got up it was giving out behind me (like it had originally when I hurt it). It still felt like that the next day, and day after that, then it was okay.

It hurts after I kneel on it mostly (I'm a gymnastics coach). It hurts different places at different times. Sometimes it's the whole knee, sometimes it's on the inside just above the joint. Sometimes it's the outside just below the joint.

If I cup my hand over the knee cap lightly and bend it, there it a pop on the outside where the pop was just after the injury (but not painful anymore). If I let my knees go hyper extend when standing it now goes farther than the right knee. When I bend it it also now bends farther than the right.

It doesn't lock or anything. My mri is tomorrow, but I'm looking for any ideas.

The original injury was December 19th.

Thank you!