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Author Topic: End of my Rope?  (Read 547 times)

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End of my Rope?
« on: February 07, 2015, 09:56:14 PM »
I'm still busting my chops on this knee thing for over a year now. Originally
hurt laying tile, overuse, possible injury from hitting tile in knee joint. Knee got stiff
and cracked after getting up a few times- muscles really tight. 1.5 weeks later
swelling, warmth, and clicking. Warmth went away less than a week, never came back.
Clicking gone in summer. Only swelling is medial to kneecap between medial and patella tendon.

Fast forward to symptoms.

Getting out of bed- area in swelling starts to hurt soon after getting out of bed.
Other areas to follow, as the pain moves around- one random at a time-
pes anserine, medial joint near swelling, and recent is medial outside.

Sometimes get kneecap pain squatting, esp. after.

Tight muscles are hamstrings, piriformis, anything lower crossed syndrome related.

No pain is happening with walking up, or down stairs. Walking down isn't perfect, some weakness still in quad.

Massage therapist and last PT said muscles are strong enough (really?).

Medial Quad spasms on occasion.

I'm trying everything. My alignment seems off, I cannot activate glutes properly as a result. One legged stance has hamstrings and quads trying to do the work, so the thigh rotates inward as a result. I cannot fully extend knee- with sitting it is tight at the back, with standing it is tight in the front.

Sitting in a car for 30+ minutes and getting out is hell.

2 X-rays were good, and MRI was good.

Never development, in last 8 days at night, the knee suddenly felt fine with no pain whatsoever. However,
the other kneecap at the same time felt like it was in a washing machine- causing pain afterward. The next time it was not so bad, and the time after that isolated to one spot below the patella. Just more confusion as that knee has been a trooper through all this, and is my "bad" knee go figure.

Any ideas on this? Three Physical Therapists, 2 orthos, a massage therapist, and chiro I have all failed.
The gym is helping, but the progress is so slow. The only muscle I truly feel is a little weak at times is the VMO. When it "fires," I feel a little better.