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Author Topic: Displaced Transverse Non-Surgical Patella Fracture  (Read 466 times)

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Displaced Transverse Non-Surgical Patella Fracture
« on: February 06, 2015, 04:46:22 PM »
I am still very new to this site. I fractured my Patella on 1/08/2015. The OS I am seeing said this type of fracture takes time to heal and feels that surgery would not make this better. The fracture is 1/8 inch or Approx. 3mm. I am currently in a foam brace and in two weeks I will be placed in a brace that will give me 15% ROM. The PA said no change in xray, so I guess that means no bone growth, so why would they put me in a brace for ROM if the bone is still fractured. I feel so stupid, I don't always know what questions to ask! I was surprised that my OS did not do surgery. The last two times I was in the office I saw his PA (No bedside manner). He would not give me any date that this would be healed, he said it is what it is!  Next visit I will be seeing the OS. Can someone give me some info on what questions I should be asking. My swelling is going down, I am weight bearing and walking with a cane. My pain is minimal unless I stand to long. It has been four weeks since fracture.