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Author Topic: To have or not to have ACL Surgery  (Read 503 times)

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To have or not to have ACL Surgery
« on: February 06, 2015, 02:10:12 PM »
Hello all I am desperate for opinions.  In 2009 I injured my left knee skiing and authorized my OS to due an ACl recon and meniscus "clean up".  MRI said I had a complete tear of the ACL.  Dr. told me I had a false positive and that ACL was mostly in tact.  I did PT and moved on (ran 4 marathon's and skied fine from recovery until Thanksgiving day of 2013).  On that day I was running on uneven surface and "tweaked" my knee.  Went back to Dr. who then confirmed through physical exam that it was now fully torn.  A second Dr. months later confirmed that.  I can ski if I take it easy and I can run but have not attempted anything too far.  Knee bothers me a bit walking up stairs or sometimes in yoga.  Anything single legged (like a single leg squat) is quite difficult but the knee doesn't buckle.  I've tried PT and I guess I could live with this but Dr. says unless I get ACL reconstructed I'll never be the same and further more susceptible to further injury without an ACL.  I'm torn because clearly this is an elective procedure but I just want two good knees.  What would you do at this point?