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Author Topic: Pain near patella when trying to a full bent  (Read 591 times)

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Pain near patella when trying to a full bent
« on: February 10, 2015, 08:07:02 AM »
I injured my left knee 2 months ago and had an mri with the following diagnosis:
  • Minimal bone contusion or fibrovascular change from previous trauma in the lateral tibial plateau.
  • Minimal lateral patellar subluxation. Shallow trochlear groove is noted which may predispose to patellar instability.
  • Mild partial tear/sprain of the medial patellofemoral ligament.
  • Moderate suprapatellar bursal effusion and minimal joint effusion. 
  • Thickened medial and lateral collateral ligaments, representing sequela of previous injury
  • Minimal infrapatellar subcutaneous edema.

It got better after resting for a month and by doing regular hot packs. I also started attending physical therapy two weeks ago where they asked me to do hamstring stretches and quadriceps strengthening exercises. The swelling subsides and the pain lessen after doing them. However I still feel some pain when trying to bend my knee fully. The therapist said my quads are just tight and tried to stretch my quads by bending it but I felt intense pain near the top of my patella. Now everytime I try to stretch/bend my quads, I can feel the pain on top of my patella and sometimes even at the lower part just bellow the pattela and at the back of my knees. I also notice that the pain is greater when trying to reach the bend, lessen a bit when the bent is maintained, then increases again when straightening it from the bent. Is this just an effect of some tightness or my injuries are not recovered enough to handle this exercises? Should I continue to do this? I am afraid that I might reinjure or worsen my injuries.