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Author Topic: second ACL reconstruction  (Read 556 times)

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second ACL reconstruction
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:03:30 PM »
in November 2011 I was playing football and I ruptured both my ACL and LCL in my left knee.
I had reconstructive surgery in april 2012. The surgeon used a hamstring graft to form the LCL and the patella tendon graft for the ACL. After 15 months of intense rehab I got the all clear to start playing football again in july 2013. I've not had any bother with my left knee since I had the operation.
In april 2014 I was playing football and fell awkwardly and heard a pop in my right knee. After a visit to see the surgeon that had operated on my previous knee she confirmed that I had tore my ACL and would require another reconstruction using a hamstring tendon from the same leg.
I had to wait 7 month to have the surgery done in which time I was doing rehab and building my quads to prepare for surgery.
The surgery was a success with no complications and now i am 12 weeks post op and my physio says i am doing brilliant with my rehab. mostly because I built huge quads muscles  in the 7 month I had to wait for surgery.
the questions i want to ask is, how long am I looking at before I can play football again? around 9-12 month?
or less?
also has anyone else ever experienced this?