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Author Topic: revision to fulkerson osteotomy and/or PFJR  (Read 600 times)

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revision to fulkerson osteotomy and/or PFJR
« on: January 04, 2015, 05:07:25 PM »
I have been "blessed" with Ehlers Danlos - Hypermobility type, and have dislocated/subluxed both knees most of my life.

in 2000 i had arthoscopic surgery on my left knee, including lateral release.
in 2010 i had a fulkerson osteotomy due to the lateral shift of the patella, and lack of joint space, along with grade 4 chondromalacia.

both surgeries had a great success, and allowed me to keep bicycle racing and staying in very good shape, but i have started to get swelling in the knee after cycling, and icing and celebrex are not keeping the pain away.

i just had a set of xrays done, prior to my orthopedist appt next week, and the skyline view showed the left knee back in almost exactly the same alignment and position as it had been before the fulkerson surgery.

i am guessing the next step is either a revision of the fulkerson, or PFJR, but have not found any accounts of a revision to an osteotomy. it seems that the lateral shift of the patella would mean that a PFJR by itself would not be effective, since the patella already wants to be in the wrong place, and needs to be shifted.

anyone had a similar situation?

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Re: revision to fulkerson osteotomy and/or PFJR
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2015, 01:51:29 AM »

Yes i have a similar situation, and also found it very weird and did lots of research trying to find similar situations where the fulkerson did not work.

I had the Fulkersons + MPFL Grant on my right knee after mal-tracking and numerous dislocations at 14 years old.

It did not go so well it took me a very long time to recover and i always had pain. 3 years later it got unbearable i went and saw a different doctor, who did a revision and found that my knee cap was in the exact same position as it was before i had any surgery and my MPFL graft had been done too tight and was causing internal bleeding. He undid my MPFL graft and did a clean out. After that i was happy as before any surgeries and was back to exercising.

Now another 3 years later i am getting pain again and have booked to go see my OS in a few weeks.

It just seems like my knee problems are never ending, but i found it very hard to find anyone in a similar situation.
2008 TTT and MPFL right knee (14 years old)
2011 MPFL graft fixed and Arthroscopic