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Author Topic: four years post pain surfaces....weird  (Read 534 times)

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four years post pain surfaces....weird
« on: January 07, 2015, 02:44:32 AM »
Hi folks...

Looking for clues here. Had my left knee Oxforded in Nov. 2011. Been fairly good since though the right knee was scoped in August 2013 and the prognosis is I will need a full knee replacement sooner than later....though I get by pretty good...
I'm 58 and active as I can be...keeping the weight off is harder when you can't exercise the same way anymore and of course that doesn't help the knees.
So, here's the thing. Just before Christmas I woke up with acute pain in my left knee....not around the meniscus but on the outside of the knee sort of to the rear and tracing down my thigh.
I didn't do anything in terms of trauma...just happened. Now I was out walking briskly and working a football coaching session but nothign happened.
Being Christmas everything shut down and It took it easy but the pain and mobility were are real issue. Then I went to the gym....grimaced through 20 minutes on the eliptical and went through my weight routine....suddenly after my front leg and ham raises...the pain was gone...almost...fell something has shifted back into place.
Monday night I felt good so I went out to the indoor facility and kicked the ball around...nothing serious. By the time I got home the symptoms were back.
Again, outside of the leg, back of the knee to the outside with pain radiating from the latereral quad and down to my heel. Very uncomfortable when standing after sitting at my desk and going up and down stairs.
I was thinking an ACL or MCL tear..but the knee itself is stable.....then IBS came up....not a runner at all but of course I'm still working on the field and once and a while play some light scrimmage with the contact though and very light.
Anyone got any thoughts? Or experience similar issues.
I did have something like this post-op and then again it went away...but the knee right now is very very stiff and painful when flexed......

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