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Author Topic: Freaky nerve type pain... Suddenly 6 mos post op ACLR. Normal MRI  (Read 596 times)

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Hi all
I really need some advice here. In early August I had my ACL reconstructed with an allograft. Surgery was fine, and the knee was weak but feeling better and better each day. Nov 22 I am standing in line at a concert for 2 hours, shivering and shaking in a skirt. I felt a pop (not unusual, had some popping over my kneecap from scar tissue, and all of a sudden my knee felt totally different. No pain but I immediately felt that something was out of place. I thought I retore my graft. Knee felt pretty normal while walking, but standing still it felt like my shin bone was shifted just a bit. Its been a month and still it feels weird.
I have had or currently have
Pain laterally behind the knee when standing
A tight feeling around the joint when standing
Some hypersensitivity (like with pants) around knee
Burning sensation on back of thigh and up near buttock
Pricking sensations on calf
Slightly cold rushes of feeling to my foot
Feeling like the leg is weaker
Tightness in foot, like its being squished together a little
Stiffness and pain in joint after having it bent too long (sitting)
Almost sometimes feels like when you sit on the toilet too long and your legs start to feel funny. Feels like that even sitting or lying down. I can work out on an elliptical fine but if I run, the knee feels unstable laterally.

Had an MRI taken a week after it first feeling funny. ACL looks fine, no evidence of rupture. Meniscus is fine. Nothing noted except a thickened medial plica. One of the practice's ortho surgeons said it could be rubbing on my femur, or making my patella track incorrectly. Sounded like a bit of BS. Went back again after no improvement and saw the surgeon who originally fixed the ACL. He said I was just weak (was behind in PT). Took a hip x ray since it sounded a bit like sciatica. Upright hips but no obvious issue.

Still, I have these issues. Wondering if the plica is rubbing on a nerve? I was in a small car accident Nov 6th and resulting whiplash swelling made my already aggravated right shoulder flare up, and I had nerve pain, numbness, and tingling in my right arm. PT thinks this leg issue may be leftover effects from the whiplash. Meanwhile I'm worried I have a nerve disorder.

Please give me some advice!