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Author Topic: bipartite patella and subequent injury  (Read 572 times)

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bipartite patella and subequent injury
« on: January 02, 2015, 09:01:07 AM »
Hi. First time ive posted but hoping someone has advice. Back in late september i smashed my kneecap on the corner of a metal frame at work. At the time i had a massive surge of pain and also lots of bruising around the area. I left it a while but a few weeks later i still had a bony lump showing very prominantly when my knee was bent so i went to the drs who thought it was fractured so sent me for an xray. Following xray they said i had a bipartite patella and everything was fine and normal. I wasnt quite happy with this as i still have a bony lump there which wasnt there before. Over 3 months later if i knock the lump in my knee or bend my knee too much im still javing a lot of pain. Does anyone know if its worth my going back to the drs? Can they do anything? Im more worried about the lump that wasnt there before. Should also say they only ever xrayed one knee when i thought they did both in possible bipartite patellaThanks for reading.