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Author Topic: Please help!! Have I further injured my knee by overuse?? Simple question  (Read 778 times)

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Please help answer my simple question. I'll make it quick!

Had MRI scan after pain. MPFL Ligament sprain and contusion in tibial plateau on one knee. Not much pain, can still do everything, with little pain or trouble.

2 weeks later, after having to work excessive hours standing up on cruise ship job, pain changes and becomes SEVERE! Can't work anymore, have to quit and go home.

Have I caused further injury to my knee??? Or is this just an exaggerated version of the pain??


Thank you in advance.

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Bone bruises, i.e. the tibial plateau contusion, can take many months to heal and are painful.  6+ months isn't unusual for a bad one

Are you Elevating and Icing as much as you can.  Are you using any sort of support of compression sleeve or support for when you are standing?

Probably worth getting some input from a physiotherapist, but time will be the main healer here with a sprain and bone bruise

Good luck :)
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Heeeey Vickster

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this. This answer has been reassuring! I have seen some improvements of late, so am excited for full recovery in maybe 3 months more! :))