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Author Topic: ACL Hamstring Graft 'Giving Out' with CRUNCH = Hospital  (Read 654 times)

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ACL Hamstring Graft 'Giving Out' with CRUNCH = Hospital
« on: December 22, 2014, 01:42:57 PM »
Hi there!

I have had ACL reconstruction on my left knee using a hamstring graft from the same leg. I originally ruptured the ACL on the trampoline but had a successful operation and haven't had an issue with it for two years.


Friday night (19 - 12 - 2014) like usual I was playing football. After jumping in the air I must have landed awkwardly as my knee gave out with a CRUNCH, Im not sure if that was supposed to be the 'pop' but I remember it just being an almighty crunch, I felt my knee rock to the side and I collaped to the ground. The pain was severe but faded over the next 10-15 seconds to a dull ache. Had to be carried off and ambulanced to the hospital.

At the hospital one Doctor felt my knee and did the Femur and Tibia test by sitting on my foot and pulling the leg towards him. It didnt move like it did when I originally ruptured the ACL and he was convinced it was still there without issue.

Waited for an Xray and there was no bone damage which leg me to believe it must be the ACL. Another doctor came back after the results and said she thought that I have STRECHED the acl graft and maybe torn slightly.

I was discharged with a knee brace, crutches and meds and was told to see how the next few weeks go. So currently I am resting it. I can put weight on it and can walk without aid of the crutches (slowly). However at times I have an ache at the back and center of the knee.  I would like to go back soon and get an MRI done and further investigation as im supposed to be leaving for Canada for a year in the beginning of 2015.

If I need another operation I want to know ASAP. What do you guys think? Stretched? Torn? Something else? If its just a stretch or tear, will it heal naturally. Will I be able to play sports again. I.E - Skiing, Football (Soccer), Tennis?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: ACL Hamstring Graft 'Giving Out' with CRUNCH = Hospital
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2014, 11:54:10 AM »

The only thing we can do from this position to your question is to throw an uninformed "guess", but I don't think it would be of any help or relevant contribution...

Ideally chase a specialized surgeon to get an MRI done... unfortunately in these things you often need to put pressure in order to be taken cared of, since you go to the emergency room and you are often rushed out with a brace and paracetamol... and then what will be will be...

Good luck and hope it was just a minor thing...