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Author Topic: Donít take HmmHmm for an answer  (Read 429 times)

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Donít take HmmHmm for an answer
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:03:40 PM »
It is a long story, so chapters.

Well, once in early 2011 I was rockclimbing and something went wrong in the knee (pop). Up to the doctor. Itís nothing he said. 2012 still pain. First visit to an orthopedic, scans were made. He said Ohh and no diagnose. After six month the next one said my patella was fixed (less then normal mobility) and had to get flexible. So physiotherapy. 2012-2013.
Knee went sort of okay after physio. Still that click though and pain. Got something done training wise.
Back to the GP with the question why does it hurt? The standard answer: on your age blah blah, it is nothing. (In this way you deteriorate out of your self. :-)
Got sick of it: went up Mnt McKinley/Denali in 2013. Not without pain.

A brace
Coming down the mountain I broke my foot, what was discovered 6 weeks later, when physio made an echo.
Since my foot doesnít hurt any more, (mid 2014) I thought : a brace for the knee, since the knee still hurts. Up to a physio whoís specialism is braceís.

The diagnose was made in 5 minutes. A tear in the meniscus.
He just put his finger on the right spot, bang! Marked it with a pen. An other time, different position. (Apley test, simple as that)
He was sure about it no photo needed. Consult was free. No brace, nothing only the advice to see a good Orthopaedist.

So another Knee Dr., I dare to mention his name: Van Trommel (also on this site as one of the big hot shots, see knee surgeon list).
Also here one conclusion: meniscus tear. 17 November 2014 = a meniscus saving operation (flap removed) and some other cleaning as well.
Dr says that it is very likely that I can run again (without that click and pain).
Promises, promises! I am curious to face it.

4 weeks after
I am happy I am walking in balance again. Of course it will take a long time before I am fit again.

What I learned
ē   Check the info on meniscuses on this site. That helped a lot in the conversation, the DR didnít need to explain the basics. I could talk with the Dr about the Gant people, Belgium, about ways of stitching, etc. What was on the scan (yes also a tear!).
ē   There are You Tube films that explain a good diagnose protocol, look for Thessaly test, McMurray's test and Apley test. (So my tear was there since 2011)
ē   If you have pain, you have pain. Níimporte what others say. Also here on Knee guru it was said that I had a minor inconvenience. If your knee doesnít feel right it is not right. Whatever others say. And if you donít get a pleading answer: Try another DR, one who can explain what she/he thinks.

Take care and a Merry Christmas.
Started climbing at age 3 any attempt to stop since then has failed.