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Author Topic: Help needed - stress fractures all over joint?  (Read 444 times)

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Help needed - stress fractures all over joint?
« on: December 10, 2014, 07:17:27 AM »
I really need help if anyone could help me with anything.

I thought I dislocated my kneecap and stretched all my ligaments (per doctor and mri) 12 weeks ago. 8 weeks ago a small dog pushed my knee cap over a half inch and caused me to suddenly jerk my knee totally straight. (Which I had not been able to do in a month). That accident was ten times worse than original injury.

Pain got worse and worse over a week or more, then stayed constant for another week. Last 5-6 weeks I have slowly gotten a little bit better every day. If I do too much I pay a price  but I get better. I'm still on crutches FYI. (I can walk round the house  but the turns kill me - don't do steps- slight inclines or declines on weighted crutches hard).

So at re injury doc blew me off. Figured I needed to heal. Tried hard to maintain minimal physical therapy exercises I was last left with (right AT Reinjury)

So go see NEW doc today - big time doc in big city- he looks at my 12 week old mri  and comes marching in telling me my joint is shattered - like throwing a rock at a windshield and it not breaking through- basically from 3 inches below and above my knee cap.  Looked like clouds of white dust on mri.

Anyone had this?  Please help!:). Getting bone scan and another mri Friday. He says my bones are not healing and my joint is on fire (from palpation). 

I feel like I just went from one nut job (could care less when I reinjured my knee and could care less to see me ) to the next) and then next guy is telling me my joint may be attacking dieing bone from lack of circulation ...  Need help. Bone scan and another mri Friday (I'm only getting the mri cause I asked for it- he could care less how messed up my ligaments are- be says my bones are not getting enough ciculation to heal?????  Anybody ekse have shattered type knee???  Please help. Thanks big pearl