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Author Topic: Advice needed on a rotational osteotomy  (Read 868 times)

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Advice needed on a rotational osteotomy
« on: December 01, 2014, 11:45:28 PM »

I have recently been recommended I have a rotational osteotomy and would like someone's thoughts on the matter. Starting at the beginning...

About 8 years ago I had pain in my knees. More so in the right. The pain was worse when my legs were bent, such as sitting at work. Walking was fine. There was also clicking evident. The pain got very severe at one point and I had been to the doctors on the NHS> They thought I had rheumatoid arthritis so sent me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist said i don't have RA, my quads are weak so sent me to physio. The physiotherapist said my quads are too strong..... this went on a while as it takes weeks to get appointments with each. I got sick of waiting so I began stretching lots each day. I do martial arts so I had done lots of stretching in my life but I was not exercising much at this point. I then saw a private physiotherapist who believed my patellas were maltracking. he taped the worse knee up, pushing it to the outside. My knee felt perfect and the pain was gone so he gave my exercises to build the outside muscle on my leg up to pull the knee cap across. After a year or so my knees were fine.... some discomfort if sitting with my legs bent for too long but ok.

However, about a year ago the pain in my knees came back along with lots of clicking which hurts. My legs are more or less ok when they are straight, so I sit with them on a cushion outwards. When I straigten my legs they make a loud crack which hurts. I feel the knee cap go over something and it cracks in the same place. I can feel it move over a lump and even see it. I do a martial arts a few times a week as well as weight training, a long with a lot of stretching as i did when I had the problem before. This takes the pain away for a while. For kicking, my legs click the first 1 or 2 kicks, then it is fine for a while. I had the same problems with the NHS as before so I went private and saw a surgeon who will treat me through the NHS. He had CT scans and "Rotational CT scan shows external rotation of the right knee to be 51 degrees and the left knee 54 degrees". I'm not sure what that means really. He recommended a rotational osteotomy but I'd like more information. Mostly, is this likely to cure my symptoms? I don't mind going through a large operation but I worry that it may not have been the cause or possibly make it worse. Also, would I be able to kick a bag eventually after such a procedure? I find it hard to believe after having my legs broken in such a way that I could kick into a heavy bag will full force.

Im going to Spain next week to see a doctor there that also specialises in bones/joints. He treats some well known footballers there. I'm going to ask for a second opinion as it is a large operation. My hopes is he will agree with what the previous surgeon recommended.

Could anybody help with my doubts or have any more info. Sorry if its a bit long.

Thank you! :)

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Re: Advice needed on a rotational osteotomy
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2015, 07:25:50 PM »
Hi tiger-Kai

Any news regarding your op? I am scheduled for a derotational Osteotomy, with my measurements being 44 degrees and 46 degrees on right and left leg. A measurement in the 50's must be pretty severe?! Are you having any other procedures or is it just the one?

Sorry I can't be much help, I am also having my op through the NHS so would be interested on hearing how you get on :-) my surgeon told me I would be able to ski, snow board and horse ride eventually, obviously there are not contact sports but I assume the operation must heal pretty strong to be able to do those things :-)

Let me know how you get on! Good luck!
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Re: Advice needed on a rotational osteotomy
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2015, 09:02:46 PM »
Hi Georgie,

I'm not sure about the measurements. I don't understand those at all. :s I don't know what is normal. I have posted on many forums and have never had any replies so I don't know anymore info.
I did however see the doctor in Spain who was SUPER helpful. At first he recommended not doing the operations as there any many other things to try first. My right knee was also swollen, so that was drained and a cortisone injection was given as well as anti-inflammatories . A week later I then went back to have a durolane injection to see if that would fix it but my knee had strangely become swollen again and as such he was unable to do the durolane so I had an MRI scan which showed I had bursitis. He said the operation might be best. However, he was concerned that my knee swelled back up so quickly and is having the fluid drained from it, checked now.

If I decide to have the operation, I may have it done at this knee clinic in Spain as they talk to me for over an hour at a time and showed me lots and lots of stuff in books and on the internet and give me lots of help and advice. The recovery period would also be better.

If it is the operation I need then he said he is not sure if I could do martial arts again. He said it will heal but he is not sure about kicking a bag full force. Skiing and snowboarding seem pretty intense on the legs so it must heal pretty well normally.

What were your symptoms previously that made you seek help?

I wish you all the best.