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Author Topic: Ok from the begining ACL tear  (Read 1664 times)

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Ok from the begining ACL tear
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:09:51 PM »
Hello all,

Two year ago I had a complete ACL Tear and Meniscus tear both were fixed ACL with a Donor Graft. Now a year ago I had more Meniscus tear and that was fixed. As of now I am in constant pain in my knee and have the sensation of the knee giving out. Two weeks ago the doctor ordered a MRI the weird thing is you could see the screw holding the ACL but there was no ACL. Has anyone ever had this happen before?? You could see some more Meniscus torn but what happened to the ACL?

The Doctor believes the ACL is still attached because my knee stops both ways when he tugs on it. What do you guys think. I am going for a second opinion it wont hurt but the constant pain and swelling is not good.