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Author Topic: ShockDoctor 875 Hinged Brace *pay the shipping & make donation to site free*  (Read 3806 times)

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I have this:
LARGE SIZE. (I do not recommend it if your knee is very swollen!)

It runs 2 sizes small so the large never fit me right. I measured at a small but that wasn't right I bought a medium it wasn't right (My knee was VERY swollen at the time though) now it does fit at a LARGE but the patella opening hurts my knee due to my issue. Most braces do run a size small. This one I say runs two sizes small.

I wore this brace a few times but barely any wear honestly. Never outside of the house - and only for an hour or two while standing in the kitchen.

 I bought a different donjoy brace and thought if someone can really benefit from this and wants it - Pay the shipping and make a small donation to the website here - and its yours.

I ship from Florida Jacksonville 32257 - I imagine I can squeeze it into a flat rate priority medium sized box with shipping - It is semi heavy so if outside the USA I'm not sure if it is worth it to you but hey, least I can do for this website's support and help.

(I bought it at dicks sporting goods in October 2015, it was 88 in store online its only 69 right now but if you need one that's pretty new for just shipping price and say a small website donation to kneegurus - I can ship it quickly (I do online sales for a living so I can pack it up quick)

9-14-2015 Lateral patellar dislocation with full thickness tear to medial patellar retinaculum & medial patellofemoral ligament. This is my first injury "ever" at 38 years old - Was a healthy fit female now atrophied zombie.
- PT now 5 full weeks
- 4 MONTHS since injury
- 2nd opinion on 1-14-2016