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Author Topic: Help-Dr thinks my 15yr old son is reacting to absorbable sutures-4 weeks post op  (Read 2592 times)

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Hoping to get some feed back - My 15 yr old son had an ACL Reconstruction of his RT knee using his hamstring tendon on Sept. 4th. Everything seemed to be going fine at first, then 2 weeks and 4 days post op the incision area on the right side of his knee started to protrude (looked like fluid under the skin). It was not red or hot to the touch but we made an appt with the OS the following day to evaluate since this was a change.  He examined and thought it was a hematoma and said the body should reabsorb.  Four days later the area immediately around the incision started to get red and warm to the touch. Back to the OS who reopened the incision (drained blood and synovial fluid)and packed it to allow it to heal from the inside out. Right around this time the top of incision below the knee that was pretty much healed on the outside started to react the same way, but it was only the top. Within a few days the reaction was half way down the once healed incision. The doctor reopened half of that incision.

Culture came back negative for infection but he was put on Keflex and Bactrim prior to getting cultures back. OS is thinking he is having a reaction to the absorbable sutures. I thought it might be a reaction to the screws that were used to secure the hamstring tendon but the OS said the material is different on each side.   

4 weeks and two days post op my son has two open incisions that are still draining. I am hoping that someone has seen this type of reaction before and that having the incisions heal from the inside out is the answer.  OS said the knee feels good, new ACL feels tight its just the incisions.

Has anyone experienced these type of issues?