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Author Topic: Post HTO Hardware  (Read 621 times)

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Post HTO Hardware
« on: October 13, 2014, 08:23:13 PM »
So, I had my first HTO in November 2013 on my RIGHT leg which involved a 17mm wedge being put in and a bone graft from my LEFT hip using navigation (yeah I know - I could not walk and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, the hip graft site hurt like a b****** for months afterwards)! In March 2014 I had the left leg HTO and a 14mm wedge was inserted BUT this time I chose the allograft (donor bone) route.

Pain wise this was 1000% better but it did involve 6 weeks totally non weight bearing, 4 weeks toe touch and then minimal weight bearing increasing 10 kilo's a week upto 16 weeks

The thing is I am getting quite a lot of pain in the left medial tibia some six months after the HTO but oddly this occurs when the weight loading comes OFF. So walking is ok but when I am standing in a que and swapping weight from leg to leg, as the weight is coming off I get a very intense pain. X-rays show plates and screws are fine and that the allograft has healed but when the surgeon manipulates the area around the top area or outline of the plate the pain is there.

Any ideas?

Also the numbness is very VERY odd. Scratching the outside of the lower leg stimulates the nerves on the inside of the shin, and my cat gently bumping her head against my shins feels like being kicked in the shin whilst playing rugby!! All very odd.

Off to see surgeon again tomorrow for x-rays but this pain thing is very strange.



PS - if you are thinking of having an HTO make sure you do AS MUCH LEG EXCERCISE AS YOU CAN before the op. You wont believe how quickly the muscles atrophy. I cycled upto 70 miles a week and did 4 or 5 spin classes a week before I went in and the muscles I had built up over a year in anticipation had dissappeared within 6 days!