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Author Topic: Completely torn ACL/MCL  (Read 525 times)

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Completely torn ACL/MCL
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:05:03 AM »
I have torn ACL and completely ruptured MCL on my left knee.
I injured it on 8/31/14, and doc operated on 9/6/14.
I used hamstring autograph, and doc pinned the ruptured MCL to the femur.
First week post-op I was doing fine. I lifted my leg up on the second day following the surgery,
and my leg was wrapped in hinged splint.
I got out of the hospital after a week.
Before I was being discharged from the hospital, doc put my leg in full cast, completely immobilizing my leg.
I asked him suspiciously, whether does my left leg really needs to be immobilized and being put in the full cast. He sounded reasonable, that my MCL is pinned and my leg is way too unstable to be less protected and such.
After the first week post op, I developed fever and chills and pain in the operated leg. So I visited him again, and he ran a blood test, which came out 23 CRP level. Which indicated possible infection or inflammation.
Sorry for the long story. Long story short.
It's been my 5th week post op.
The CRP level is down to 3.8. I'm now off the full cast, and finally put into leg brace. However, I'm in a severe pain when trying to extend my knee, and I barely get 50 degree flexion. I started CPM last night. I did it again this morning and afternoon, and am in extreme pain.
Is there anybody who has had similar symptoms? I am so worried that i may not recover from this agonizing journey... Please help..:(