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Author Topic: Sometimes it gets too tough!  (Read 901 times)

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Sometimes it gets too tough!
« on: October 15, 2014, 10:31:32 AM »
Hi everyone!

This is Amis. I am 28 years old and live in Germany.

Day -1:
On 24th September, I was nominated to play a small work tournament of Cricket.
I am originally from India though I live in Germany now. So I thought why not?

Day 0:
On the day of the pre-quarter finals, I realised I was actually quite good at it.
Finding physical activities I enjoy is always tough, so I was over joyed that I was not only good at it but also enjoyed it. After the pre-quarters, with body full of adrenaline, I was practising some more with friends. That resulted in a fielder collision and I fell on my knee. It hurt a lot but I got up and tried to walk away from the field.

On putting my right leg down, I immediately noticed it was not stable at all. And I stood there for 20 minutes on my left leg thinking of all the horrible possibilities. Eventally some one noticed that I am just standing there and took me to the emergency hospital. They did an X-ray. My leg was hurting like hell when I moved it. I sat it throught it all. The results came back and everything look fine. I was happy to hear it though I felt scared cos I knew how my leg felt when I stepped on it.

I was told to ice it, gave me painkillers, blood thinners and a brace and I was sent home with a follow up four days later on the 29th September.

Day 1,2:
 The first 48 hours were terrible. I used crutches but it hurt a lot when I was hopping on it.
Day 3,4:
The other 2 days were a bit better.
Day 5:
On the 29th, I did not have too much pain and I was very positive. But the MRI process was terrible. My leg hurt so much that I was crying for 30 minutes straight.

The MRI assistant said something in German like 'Es ist ganz schon kaputt'.  I do not speak perfect German but I knew what it mean. After 1 hr, the doctor came to me and told me that I have complex fracture of the tibial head and that I need surgery and that I need a cast and that I need to stay. I do not know how they did not find it in the X-ray.

Day 6,7:
I was scared and worried. The complications that could occur did not put me at ease.

Day 8(02 Oct):
Day of surgery.
I had good friends.
My family is in India and could not come in.
But I was ready for the surgery.
They put in a plate and 7 screws. They said the joint alignment, stability, all looks good and I did not have to worry about arthritis anytime soon.

Day 9-11:
My wound seemed to heal alright. I was still in the cast.
Sleeping was tough. The cast was so heavy.

Day 12-18:
The wound started bleeding out a bit.
There was still a lot of edema.
So I was put on diuertics and waited in the hospital till the wound is dry again.
I started having phantom sensations of wetness on my wound at this point.
In this time, I got a Don Joy brace and went from 0 degrees to 60 degrees.

Day 19:
Discharged from the hospital.
Coming was tough as I had to get used to going to the toilet and all the corners and ways of the house seem new.

Day 20:
It is my birthday.
Friends gathered to shower me with presents and encouraging words.
I stopped taking pain meds regularly.
I got my staples out which are bleeding quite a bit.
I have occasional pain.
I inject myself everyday with heparin, wear anti-thrombosis socks and switched to wearing skirts.

Day 21:
Today is Day 21 post accident and Day 13 post-op.
I am non weight bearing now and I am still figuring out the jargon.
I go to my new ortho surgeon today who will take care of my post op and recovery.

I have great friends who sat down my bed side so far and I am so very lucky for that.
But I am having my down days.
I treat my leg like it is made of glass. I worry I will step on it with every step I take.
I can be clumsy and though I seem to do decently with the crutches, I still feel awkward with them.
I have not yet taken a shower. My leg hurt when I sit in the bathroom to brush and wash myself.
Some friends think I should move around with my crutches more and try to be more active but it is complicated, tiring and it hurts.
I do not know if my feelings are valid.
But I am scared at every new ache.
I am grateful for every move I am on the crutches I make without slipping.
My leg is still swollen. I cannot sleep well with the socks and the needing to sleep straight.
I do not know if I can turn my leg a bit to the side when I sleep.
I know I am also getting paranoid and extra careful but I cannot seem to help it.
And ofcourse, I still I may not be able to walk normally again or dance or run.
I will be grateful to hear your recovery stories and for some support.
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Re: Sometimes it gets too tough!
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2014, 08:17:30 PM »
Hi Amis

I really sympathise with what you are going through. I've had some pretty dark days myself and didn't want to continue some days. Depression seems to be fairly common among people with tibial plateau and patella fractures. The injuries really take a long time to heal and many people around you won't understand how serious and debilitating they are.

Personally I can understand how you are super cautious, I was too despite being pretty fearless before the accident.

As for sleeping check with your OS or PT, but I was told any position was ok as long as I kept my leg in the brace for the first 6 weeks or so, just to avoid sudden movements while asleep.

I suggest you copy what you have written and post it here: I'm biased but I think this is the friendliest board on knee guru and you'll find quite a few fellow TPF victims.

good luck and stay positive
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Re: Sometimes it gets too tough!
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2014, 02:18:18 PM »
Thanks for the nice words!
It all helps..especially being felt understood!
And thank you for the tip.. I will post there!
25.09.2014 - TPF collision and fall
02.10.2014 -7 screws,1 plate
18.10.2014 - ROM 60
23.10.2014 - ROM 90
30.10.2014 - PWB at 10 kgs
11.11.2014 - PWB at 20 kgs ROM 110
25.11.2014 - PWB at 40 kgs ROM 120
15.12.2014 - PWB at 70 kgs ROM full
23.12.2014 - FWB;Released from OS