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Author Topic: Athelete with a articular cartilage damage with Microfacture and meniscal tear.  (Read 734 times)

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My son plays college lacrosse and had to have surgery at the end of May 2014. He had a large lateral tear that was trimmed and he also had a microfacture procedure for damage to articular cartilage. The doctor said it was a small area. The surgeon told him to start PT right away and that he could start
running and playing again 6 to 8 weeks. At 6 weeks everything was good and started playing some pick up games during the summer, but now he is back at school and the knee has inflammation and some pain. We had another MRI and it showed that the microfacture did not take, the doctor said that maybe  there was a light glaze at best, but everything else is the same no changes. The doctor clear him to play and said he should ice it and take a anti inflammatory. His college teams trainer made him see the teams doctor today and after looking at all his records and MRI's the new doctor said that he needs to sit out for a month and let the knee heal. He said that he shouldn't have been running or playing this soon. My question is after 4 months can the microfacture still take or is to late. His first doctor / surgeon is highly accredited in this field, so we felt very confident in his instruction, but now were totally lost.
Please any opinions are welcome. He doesn't know should he and go along with the teams ortho doctor
or get a third opinon or play threw the pain. Please help.

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My understanding (and keep in mind that I'm not a medical professional, just a long-time knee injury veteran) is that if a microfracture fails, it fails. If the MRI showed that it didn't work, that's not going to change. Based on what I've read here, 6-8 weeks is also extremely rapid for a return to full activity post-microfracture, even assuming it was done on a non-weightbearing area. Here's a typical guide to microfracture rehab that might be helpful:

I think you've received enough conflicting information that another opinion would be a really good idea. Pain is a warning sign - it doesn't happen for no reason.
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