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Author Topic: It started with growing pains  (Read 3816 times)

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It started with growing pains
« on: October 08, 2014, 10:16:49 AM »
I've had knee pain all my life and doctors had always put it down to growing pains when one finally referred me to the hospital where the first consultant I saw told me I had nothing wrong with my knee to then refer me onto my current consultant who saw my knees had not formed correctly meaning my  joint was in the shape of a nike tick and my knee cap was not sitting in the joint at all, I'm now 18 and when I was 15 I underwent my first knee surgery in January 2011, which was a tibial tubercle osteotomy of the right knee and a further one on my left knee in October 2011. My left knee we thought was successful so proceeded to further surgery in 2013 on my right knee which was an MPFL reconstruction which has been successful.
However due to the problems and how bad my right knee was, when I experienced very little pain I went back to playing sport. This past month I have realised my left knee is not completely right as it often locks straight and I cannot move it for around 30 minutes - 1 hour. I have been to the hospital and they have said that all my ligaments are fine just my kneecap is sitting slightly further north of the joint than it should be however there is no surgical option just to hope it moves back down.
Is there any advice anyone can give me in order for myself to hopefully manage the pain and further increase the mobility of my left knee as flexion is only around 30 degrees pain free after that the pain is unbearable to flex.