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Author Topic: I hit my knee with a fresh ACL reconstruction pretty hard  (Read 702 times)

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I hit my knee with a fresh ACL reconstruction pretty hard
« on: October 08, 2014, 12:45:40 AM »

I'm new to knee injuries. First time ACL reconstruction using an allograft on 9/23/2014.

I hit the injured knee pretty hard into a car tire that was turned fully sideways and sticking out beyond a car's side body while walking. I'm positive the hit was square, with no twisting or lateral movement. It did however make my leg go straight when I did it, but it didn't feel like hyperexstension.

There was a good amount of pain right when it happened, but I remained standing. I wasn't able to ice for around 4 hours and it swelled up slightly more than it was from surgery. I feel like I lost about 2-4 days of pain control, meaning that the next day I felt like I was in recovery from 4 days ago. Having had such a recent surgery, the pain goes down quite a bit each day.

Is there any chance I damaged the graft? I don't feel any instability like I did when I tore the ACL. I felt a bit of instability when it originally tore, and my PT told me I "tore the ACL off the femur". That sounds like it would cause a lot of instability, but I only felt a bit unstable. This time I didn't feel unstable at all.

This happened Sunday, went to the Dr. on Monday for a 2 week post-op. He didn't seem too concerned by what he saw, but I'm still worried. I did my first PT today (Tuesday), and that went pretty well, no excessive amounts of pain.



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Re: I hit my knee with a fresh ACL reconstruction pretty hard
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2014, 07:31:28 AM »
It sounds like you should be fine. While there's no question that the new ACL is pretty fragile, twisting force is the big risk. From your description this isn't what happened to you, and if the doc confirmed that the graft feels good then I think you're in the clear. If you hadn't seen the doc already I would definitely recommend you go there to check things out and make sure you're okay, but you've already done this. Take a few deep breaths, give thanks to the knee gods, and keep on with your rehab. (And try to avoid any more mishaps - your knee has been through enough. :) )
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