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Author Topic: Can Osteoarthritis happen after 3 months post surgery  (Read 6965 times)

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Can Osteoarthritis happen after 3 months post surgery
« on: September 05, 2014, 07:27:42 PM »
Hi all

i have posted in other topics with some problems i have been having after arthroscopy surgery for removal of a plica, during the surgery it was noted that i had no signs of arthritis and everything seemed ok apart from an inflamed plica that was removed, for the first 2 months i didn't do any physiotherapy and was doing a lot of activities that caused inflammation which wasn't treated as it should have been, I'm now at 14 weeks post op and am unable to walk or stand for more then a few minutes without a dull aching pain, swelling, clicking in the back of the knee when bending and my knee cap is very creeky/grinds when i move it or even tense my quad muscle. Now i know that more commonly osteoarthritis happens with age or trauma but could i have developed this through surgery that had poor post operative physio and aggressive activates?

i have had a post op MRI done which shows changes and inflammation in the fad pad area but am concerned that there could be more going on in the knee.

thanks for taking the time to read my post


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Re: Can Osteoarthritis happen after 3 months post surgery
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2014, 10:45:13 PM »
Yikes! Nothing like having surgery and ending up worse than pre-op! I had a flap tear repair and my plica removed. I never recovered from that surgery. I had several red flags pop up that lead me to seeking a second opinion. The biggest was my OS telling me my knee had minimal swelling, when in reality it looked like I had a volleyball sitting inside my knee above by kneecap. Also my knee would give out on me and it didn't do that before surgery. My OS waved it off and released me to return to martial arts. This is not to mention the pain had drastically increased after surgery as well! I asked him if he could extend my pt appointments and he declined and said I didn't need them. (my pt recommended more pt and felt something was wrong with my knee) I decided to see a sports medicine doctor. We tried a LOT of non surgical treatments, but still was not sure why I had the pain and swelling I did. He ending up referring me to another surgeon. I discover I had a strip of cartilage one the edge of my kneecap and the underside was shredded(could see bone in the groove)I also had a chunk of cartilage missing from my medial femoral condial.(grade 4 all the way to the bone). I ended up having a lateral release( so where the cartilage missing on the edge was not rubbing) and micro fracturing my kneecap and medial femerol condial.
It could just be your knee is weak and once the muscles are stronger it will alleviate some pain. Or their could be more going on. Seems kind of quick for OA to set in to me. If you feel there is something going on then seek a second opinion. Don't stop until you are satisfied with the answers! Yes somedays are exhausting but in the long run it is worth it! Most importantly listen to your knee and don't over do it so you can heal! Try some physical therapy and see if that helps and slowly build up your activity level!

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