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Author Topic: pain after key hole surgery.  (Read 597 times)

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pain after key hole surgery.
« on: September 02, 2014, 03:10:15 AM »
So here is a bit of a back story. Sorry for the long post...

4 years ago I was riding on my bicycle when I tried to maneuver out of the way of a skateboard, this did not work out so well and unfortunately me and the bike hit the skateboard I did a complete 360 and in the process I hit my knee full force and all 9st of my weight on to a concrete path, little did I realise just what damage I had done to myself at that point, I left it alone for a year and a half and thought no more of it during my pregnancy, in which case during my pregnancy I noticed that my knee would "pop" (the only word I can think to describe it) after the pregnancy I noticed that the popping was getting more and more frequent but I knew if I had of gone to the doctors they would of put it down to added weight (which was confirmed and told to me after the pregnancy via physio) so after the birth of my baby I went to my gps self reffered for physio which I went to, did my excersises but noticed that my knee was beginning to not only pop more frequently but now was randomly giving way and also locking, yes I was able to unlock but that was painful. I eventually had an mri scam which found a meniscial tear and a slight tear to my acl.

Now the recently uptodate bit. On the 3rd of june I had keyhole surgery to cut away the torn meniscus,  but whilst he was in my knee (sounds weird but im sure you have all heard it before) he noticed that my acl had obviously ruptured from my fall and in the 4 years it had repaired it self but fused to the bone...

my question is ive noticed after constant walking pace for 3 hours (hospital preop today) my knee is very sore and slightly swollen, but im starting to be able to pin point the pain to just behind my knee cap, do you think this is the acl??? And ive also noticed the achey pain in my good knee, is this be cause im over compensating because of my bad knee and when should I be well enough to go back to work because 3 hours on my feet is nothing when my job is an 8 hour a day on my feet job...

lots of reading and a few questions... any answers would be much appreciated.