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Author Topic: multi-ligament injury plus arthrofibrosis  (Read 745 times)

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multi-ligament injury plus arthrofibrosis
« on: August 27, 2014, 09:44:25 AM »
Hi Everyone....

I am looking for advice in the next step of a very complex knee injury. I was injured in a motorcycle accident in August 2013 and ended up with all 4 ligaments ruptured in my knee along with a patella tendon rupture, fractured tibia and fibula and a fractured ankle. Fortunately, I had little vascular damage, so I was able to keep my leg. I had some nerve damage, but the nerve is healing slowly. After 16 surgeries, my bones are back together and skin grafts are over my knee and shin (fractures and knee dislocation were compound). I've been seen by the Rothman Institute in Philly,PA from the beginning. Though my fractures were fixed, my knee was left with nothing holding it together but scar tissue and muscle. And being fixed straight for many months left me with severe scarring that limits me to about 30 degrees ROM. On a good note, I have very little pain and I am capable of walking. Physical therapy has been of little help. I was told yesterday by a 2nd knee surgeon at Rothman that there is too much scarring in my knee and I should feel lucky to have my leg and go on living the rest of my life as is without ligaments or a patella tendon. I am having difficulty accepting that this is the end of the line for helping my knee. I was considering going to Cincinatti Sports Medicine or Univ of Pittsburgh Med Center for a better opinion. Is it possible to find a surgeon somewhere that can treat my severe Arthrofibrosis, do a multi-ligament and patella tendon reconstruction and help me to walk properly again, or am I foolishly dreaming?
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Re: multi-ligament injury plus arthrofibrosis
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 09:55:16 PM »
Sorry to hear about your injury - it sounds awful. Can't imagine going through that.

I had my ACL/PLC/PCL reconstructed about 3 years ago after a bad injury. All the ligaments (except the PCL) eventually failed because I had a varus deformity in my leg which was unrecognized by my surgeon.

After this happened I went to see Dr. Noyes in Cincinatti for a second opinion. His suggestion was 3 additional surgeries. 1st, get  high tibial osteotomy to correct the varus deformity, 2nd do a revision of the PLC, and lastly, do a revision of the ACL.

When he learned I live in Pittsburgh he immediately told me Dr. Christopher Harner as UPMC would be very capable of doing these procedures if I didn't want to go through the hassle of going back and forth to Cincinnati.

Anyways, I just completed surgery #2 (PLC revision). Dr. Harner did it, and he also did my osteotomy a year prior. I can't say enough good things about him - I would even venture to say the guy saved my life. I was extremely depressed prior to seeing him as I had almost no stability in my leg.

So, long story short, if you need a second opinion from someone who specializes in multi-ligament and severe knee trauma disasters, there is nobody better in my opinion than Dr. Harner (or Dr. Noyes for that matter). I would suggest seeing either of them. As a side note I myself am a physician for what its worth.

Good luck!