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Author Topic: Knee reconstruction with Menisci tears  (Read 668 times)

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Knee reconstruction with Menisci tears
« on: January 23, 2015, 08:09:08 AM »
4 months ago I had a knee reconstruction due to a basketball injury here is the surgery report.

Examination Under Anaesthesia:
No effusion. 0  Recurvatum to 140 flexion. Lacham 1+ with an equivocal end point. Pivot shift 2+. No collateral laxity

Operative procedure
A tourniquet was applied and anthroscopy performed using anterolateral and anteromedial portals. No abnormality was seen in the patellofemoral compartment. In the medial compartment the articular surface was intact. Probing revealed an inferior surface partial thickness vertical longitudinal tear on the inferior surface of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. The tear was very peripheral and was approximately 12 mm in length. As it was stable, it was felt that there was little to be gained by trying to suture it, given the patientís age. In the intercondylar notch there was a proximal rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. In the lateral compartment the articular cartilage was intact. There were small inferior surface and superior surface partial thickness vertical longitudinal tears on the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus . These were stable and were not addressed surgically.

I am worried about the peripheral medial meniscus tear 12 mm. I am wondering if such a tear can heal itself without suturing ? (I am only 43) or is it likely to extend over time ? I am not really symptomatic on any of the menisci tears I have.

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Re: Knee reconstruction with Menisci tears
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2015, 08:38:01 AM »
Unfortunately, 43 is already getting on a bit in terms of meniscus tissue, it starts to degenerate from 30 onwards and from then on, it's usually trimmed not stitched as the stitches are less likely to hold. It's good that they did nothing, if it's stable and a symptomatic, recover from the acl surgery and get on with life :) I'm facing another meniscectomy on my other lateral meniscus in a couple of weeks which is a bummer.

What symptoms caused you to have the op initially, acl instability? Sounds like your knee is in good condition generally now the acl has been fixed

There's a really good video on the meniscus In the info hub produced by knee guru if interested

All the best :)
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Re: Knee reconstruction with Menisci tears
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2015, 05:39:54 PM »
If they are stable and not displaced, you might want to consider a stem cell treatment and/or a series of PRP. It is unlikely they will heal on their own at 43, but with some aid it may be possible.

I had a similar tear and managed to heal it that way.