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Author Topic: How long to recover from articular cartilage damage?  (Read 975 times)

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How long to recover from articular cartilage damage?
« on: August 19, 2014, 03:31:32 AM »
I'm hoping someone could give some quick advice based upon experience with knee injuries...The question is basically how long do knee injuries (most is probably articular cartilage damage) take to fully heal?  I know about the possibility of never fully recovering.  Here's the lowdown...

- Motorcycle accident happened about 6 weeks ago, landed on my knee.
- Swelling started about 6 hours after and continued for a week or so while on crutches. 
- The pain is mostly on the front of the knee just below and above (around and under the sides) the knee-cap, and increases during bending/crouching/etc, but NOT from walking, climbing stairs, etc. I'm pretty sure it's articular cartilage bruising from impact, from reading around and seeing a doctor. 
- Saw a doctor (at a low-income clinic with a doctor I haven't seen before) about 1.5 weeks in. She said I was healing well and didn't appear to be any signs of permanent damage and no x-ray needed.  She didn't appear to be very knowledgeable about knee injuries and barely did much of an assessment.

Now, about 6 weeks later, I have slight dull pain sometimes walking around, sitting, or standing for long periods. I can walk about 1-3 miles before the pain grows, but very occasionally have sharp pain at random times just walking around. Still a bit tender to the touch. Pain increases when fully crouching or kneeling. No change for about 2-3 weeks now.  I'm trying to let it heal at the same time as working the muscles, like I should be.

So, how long does recovery take? Weeks, months, years?  Also, any possibility I should see a doctor again just to check on it, or just wait it out?