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Author Topic: 2 months post op OATS  (Read 1582 times)

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2 months post op OATS
« on: February 06, 2004, 05:48:05 PM »
I saw my OS yesterday for my 2 month check.  He did xrays and is extrememly pleased.  The graft seems to be healing great and the donor site is barely noticable.  
My knee is beginning to feel much better.  Pain is definately subsiding but the swelling is still persistant.  I am still having some problems with my patella tendon and scar tissue there but PT is definately helping with that.  I am able to get around the house without crutches but do seem to need one most of the time for support.  The knee fatigues and swells very quickly but my OS said it is common after chondral surgery.  
At this point I am very confident about my rehab.  Things are improving everyday.  What a difference a week makes!!!  
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Re: 2 months post op OATS
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2004, 11:16:48 PM »
Great to hear things are going well for you. I'm 7 days out of my surgery and already feeling better. I just can't wait to walk again : )