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Author Topic: Walking downhill or downstairs  (Read 2189 times)

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Walking downhill or downstairs
« on: August 11, 2014, 11:31:08 AM »
I guess that pain in the knee - in my case the outer right knee - when walking downhill or downstairs is probably quite common. In the last few months the pain has increased considerably to the extent that now I have to allow my knee to "collapse" at a certain angle when going down stairs because the pain is excruciating. My concern is that I had a microfracture procedure 4 years ago on this knee for the same symptoms, and presumably the problem I had then (a section of cartilage had become "de-laminated") has recurred. Strangely though the pain doesn't occur everytime - it's ad hoc and unpredictable.
Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or has had the same problem.
I don't really want further surgery, but perhaps it's inevitable?