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Author Topic: Extreme back of knee pain  (Read 2057 times)

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Extreme back of knee pain
« on: August 11, 2014, 07:51:58 AM »
I'll first start by mentioning that in January 2014 I had a my first ever serious knee injury. I fell down while dancing at a night club (embarrassing I know) and then instantly couldn't get up and knew something was wrong. The next morning I couldn't walk and has to go to urgent care where they took X-rays that basically showed that I had dislocated but then relocated my knee by myself and a bone was sort of hovering over a spot it had to go back in place to. I could not walk for a little over a month. After that I had an MRI and physical therapy for months. My MRI showed that all I had wrong was "bone bruising" and that cannot be the case. I've gone to multiple of the best knee specialists in the Boston area and still nobody seems to have a straight forward answer. They told me surgery will not be necessary. After a few months the pair is still lingering but I am able to walk without pain or crutches ( the pain is always there it's just not as extreme) well I thought I was on a roll this summer, my leg hadn't bothered me that bad in a while until the other night. I was on my knees on a couch for literally two seconds, it didn't hurt at all but then minutes later I felt an extreme sharp pain in the back of my knee racing down the back of my thigh (I've had this pain come and go before) I thought if I slept it off it would be gone by morning but it just got worse. It's unbearable to bend my knee. Getting up from low places or sitting down is very painful. Squeezing the muscles in my knee is very painful too. It hurts to walk but it's bearable, bending is hurting the most. Please help, I'm so desperate for a cure. I have a knee brace and I've been icing, it's still so painful. I am only 23, please help me solve this problem!!  :'(