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Author Topic: Entire Meniscus REMOVED.....need life WAS sports - Snowboarding  (Read 3083 times)

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Here is a quick bio:

2004 had full knee surgery, ortho and reconstruct.  Acl, Meniscus......etc, the whole thing got repaired with bolts and cadaver.

2013 October, Entire Meniscus Removed, little to no cartilage, Acl tightend up.

August of 2014, I still get swelling, pain, stiffness, and giving out.......

My life was sports up to this point in my life.  Basketball, Softball, Golf, snowboarding, beach volleyball.....

Now I can't play basketball or beach volleyball anymore due to the impact.  I was trying to play softball this summer but my knee kept blowing up I guess from the running to bases.  Its kind of sad and depressing.

Furthermore I am noticing even from biking at the gym my knee will swell up, it just doesn't make sense.

I went through all the proper rehab and I work the leg weekly myself.

I am meeting with the doctor on monday about getting the jell shots.  Any help on this would be great!!!  or thoughts.

My major thing is I do NOT want to give up snowboarding!!!  I used to go out to British Columbia which was such a joy for me and I am saddened to think I can not go ride the back country anymore.

Please help thanks!!!
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