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Author Topic: Patella Fracture -post op wk 5 - need recmd of knee brace sock  (Read 566 times)

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So long story short, right before my vacation at the airport, I slipped and fell and broke my knee cap. Had surgery the same day and have been SLOWLY recovering.  I am now in PT using the bledsoe knee brace... my doctor has me using wraps to wrap my entire leg from thigh to foot and it is wearing out.  Also it is uncomfortable because when I do my stretches it bunches up and I have to constantly rewrap. 

I need to know if anyone can recommend a good knee brace sleeve/sock that I can buy to replace the wraps.  Help!

6/27 Patella Fracture and Surgery
7/18 Post Op follow up - removed staples
7/22 began PT

6/27 fractured patella; ORIF surgery same day
7/18 removed staples
7/24 30 ROM
7/31 40 ROM
8/4 45 ROM (was supposed to be 70)
8/14 57 ROM (was supposed to be at 90)
9/14 90 ROM
10/14 120 ROM
11/14 Setback  110 ROM - hardware problems
12/22 Set back :(
06/23 Hardware removal?