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Author Topic: Question about my knee  (Read 1262 times)

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Question about my knee
« on: August 05, 2014, 03:27:38 AM »
I do nto know if this si the right place for this. My apologies if not, pls feel free to move the thread to whatever section si right.

About 4 years ago I fractured my kneecap while sparring and damaged my tendons on my right knee. Doctor drained my knee and gave me a brace that I could take off at will and told me I was gonan be able to walk after 3 months.

I started walking and going up stairs soon after and everyseemed to be going well.

Anyway. Today after 4 years my knee hurts. Mainly because I noticed that my right knee cannot pull up my body weight.

I was doing squats today with both legs and lifting some weight and I was doing just fine. But when I switched to one leg even without any extra weight I couldn't even lower my body down. My knee felt uber week and somethign inside didn't feel right as if it would go out of place. ( don't know if is the tendon or what?)
So I guess my question is: Is this normal? Shouldn't my knee be back to normal after 4 years? Will I possibly need surgery to get it back to normal?


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Re: Question about my knee
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2014, 06:16:57 AM »
It's not normal.

Sounds like you might have a new issue, which could well be due to your original injury.

Only a specialist can tell you what's going on and whether surgery is possible or necessary.

Make an appointment with your specialist ASAP.